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professional-level yoga educator

Dedicated to educating yoga practitioners and teachers and how to apply yoga tools, techniques, and knowledge to real-world applications. While having passionately ridden the wave of yoga practice for over two decades, I have received experienced and advanced-level certifications via Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized accrediting body for yoga professionals. 

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Training Institute 
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Asheville Yoga Center  
500-hour Professional-Level Teacher Training - Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 

yoga teacher trainer  

As founder and director of SamsaraSukha School of Yoga, a globally recognized Yoga Alliance registered yoga school, I also lead 200-hour yoga teacher trainings for those interested in teaching yoga professionally or deepening their personal practice.

certified personal trainer 

My love of movement and fitness has been lifelong, and in late 2012, I earned my certificate as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Inspired by an amazing community of photographers, I am madly in love with the camera and learning more about the vast world of art photography and expression of creative energy.